Stranded and alone on a strange planet after a scientific experiment went wrong, Maxwell Atoms must come to terms with his new found abilities and embrace the power of the Bear. Now surrounded by enemy robots and armed with only his wits, paws and an abundance of weapons, he must blast his way out, find a way home and if there’s time… save his crew.

Bears In Space is an action packed, bullet hell First Person Shooter inspired by classics like Serious Sam, Timesplitters and Ratchet & Clank. Play as Maxwell Atoms, a Solar Marine turned extraterrestrial castaway in a zany and humorous out of this world adventure. Unlock and upgrade an array of wacky weapons while you blast your way across a hostile planet, meeting strange new robot enemies along the way.


A scientific experiment gone wrong has left Maxwell Atoms’ DNA fused with that of a bear, giving him strange new powers and abilities!

The finesse of a BLACK BEAR – Traverse the world with speed and agility
The power of a GRIZZLY BEAR – Rip and claw your way through barriers and puzzles
The sense of a SUN BEAR – Engage your powerful bear smell and sniff out items and secrets
The stomach of a PANDA BEAR – Consume honey to unleash the beast within!

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